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2014-10-10 11.24.15I spent a few hours yesterday at the Kaleidoscope of homes at Viridian in Arlington TX and saw some great homes. One of the reasons for my visit was just to see what the builders were doing that I liked.  There were several from each home but here is a 2 minute video of the highlights and then a list of my favorite things. See if you can find these and then others you spot.

Just fyi you can have them all for around $1.1 or I can help you get just the ones you want. Add your comments below on what you love and share to get more points of view.

[vsw id=”wuKKyBhVssM” source=”youtube” width=”741″ height=”600″ autoplay=”no”]

  • Using space between interior living for outdoor living
  • exposed wood beams
  • big open kitchens
  • double or even triple dish washers
  • barn doors
  • painted brick #classic
  • wood garage doors
  • garage / attic storage elevator #hatethechristmastree
  • over the top showers
  • metal roofing
  • huge sliding glass door ($20k)
  • built in desk areas
  • garage apartment with cool sandstone flooring
  • river rock edging

 Builders of these homes were…