Flower Mound Real Estate Jan 2013

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This timeless classic best represents the following comments about our local real estate market (real estate is local). The fact that no new listing are coming to market is presenting a new challenge to potential buyers.  I have tracked our Flower Mound market closely for the past 16 years and have never seen inventory numbers so low. It has become a situation of chicken and egg. Plenty of customers are wanting to buy, but don’t want to list for fear of selling and not having anywhere to go.  It has not been long since sellers were just happy to sell, in any time frame.  With the news today of slower new home starts and gas prices rising like the popularity of the Robertson’s on A&E, consumer confidence is trapped between knowing today is the best day to buy and what if this thing goes south, again.  The good news for existing home sellers is that real estate is local and the builders in our area are about to create a dust storm you could see from space. Despite missing projections from Wall Street, the big player of late in our area is Toll Brothers, and they did make a profit the last quarter. Because of their new construction along with several other new communities, prices on existing homes are rising and because of the new construction starting prices, there are plenty of willing buyers. If you know anyone considering one of the new homes, we have a special offer now where they could get a rebate of $4000 or more. Email them now and get details in the new homes section. Below is a new, quick summary of the numbers.  A few things of note. A balanced market is considered 6 months. The inventory number today is more like 2 months. As all market statistics, the numbers below are a few weeks behind. This unique market scenario is going to require “Out of the Box”KLP real estate solutions. That is what we offer…Trusted Real Estate Experts since 1997.


Flower Mound market data